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General purpose industrial valves

Armalit JSC realizes development, manufacture and realization of industrial valves for oil, gas, chemical and other industries.  

Nowadays high-technology industrial valve with elevated technical requirements are increased in demand (high pressure and operation temperature, aggressive mediums, short operation time, elevated life characteristic etc.).  Taking this tendency into consideration, Armalit JSC develops new product types using advanced technologies, materials and components.

Besides the valves for general purpose, the factory also is able to develop and produce sophisticated, high-technology equipment according to special customer’s requirements, such as high pressure and temperature, special mediums and cryogenic technique.

Development of industrial valves is conducted in accordance with the feedback of leading design institutes named by the customer. While designing, the advantages and drawbacks of similar items at Russian market are taken into consideration.  

The following criteria are laid in basis for development and production of the industrial valves:

Armalit JSChas its own testing facilities which allows to guarantee fulfillment if the requirements to the equipment and also to minimize time and costs for operation cycle.

For now, the main types of the industrial valves are as following:


  1. General purpose industrial valves