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1878 — establishing foundry and mechanical plant by German industrialist R. K. Grosch at Kamennoostrovsky prospect in Saint-Petersburg.

1887 — setting up production of pumps, pipes, fire cock by new plant owner – Lagensipen and Co trading house. Development of new production operation with foundry and machining workshops for manufacture of castings and fittings at new purchased areas and capacities.

1914 — arrangement of stock company of mechanical plants for production of fittings, machines and supply accessories of army and navy on the plant basis.

1914 — commencement of the plant operation for the State defense. Opening of “public” shop for production of ammunition wagons, flame guns, gunpowder cases, shells, sea mine bodies.

1921 — commencement of updated production of copper and iron casting: steel-casting foundry, iron foundry, reinforcement shop, mould-making shop and laboratory were constructed. Production of steel castings and fittings, damper valves, carburators, iron castings for tractors, large-size fittings for new building sites.

1939 — the plant became the main supplier of marine valves for shipbuilding industry of the USSR.

1946 — specialization in production of shut-off valves, damper valve, cocks with nominal inside diameter from 6 to 250 mm, nominal pressure from 0.5 to 40 atm at a temperature up to 300 °С. Principle of unification, type design practice, interchangeability of articles is taken as a basis at designing all processes and fittings.

1966 — development and series production of valves and automatic remote-controlled actuating mechanisms (ARCAM) for equipping new generation Navy and nuclear Navy ships.

1970-th- 80-th — in collaboration with Central Design Bureau of marine valves

1990-th — development of articles production for gas facilities, power industry, municipal facilities

2008 — engineering reequipment of the enterprise production.

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